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I teach you how to use

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Whether you have a business website or want to be a full-time blogger, we all want, scratch that, need one thing…. TRAFFIC.

Here’s the funny thing with website traffic.

There are those who get a lot and make no sales, and there are those who drive modest amounts of traffic to their websites who make lots of sales.

So traffic alone must not be the answer.

With over twenty years experience in SEO, I am here to help you understand Attraction Marketing (attracting your ideal customers and the right kind of traffic), as well as, Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Our goal? To increase blog traffic and ultimately make more money!

What is Attraction Marketing?

In the past an online presence meant creating a website, adding a contact form, spending hours crafting the perfect “All About Me” page, connecting to our social media, and adding a blog.

Sometimes the blog was the main focus of the site, and other times, it was an afterthought. (Something our marketing manager told us we should do.)

And then we sat back and waited… and waited… and waited…. but still our visitor analytics were depressing enough to make us quit.

Here is the good news!

We were putting the right tools in place.

The bad news?

We were just using the wrong strategy.

Attraction marketing on the other hand, brings leads to you. No more chasing or waiting for no shows. We still use websites, social media, content, SEO, and email capturing tools, but in a new and strategic way.

First, we get to know and understand your ideal visitors and customers.

Then, we research what they are searching for. No, not cat videos. But relevant content that applies to your focused niche.

Now we can reverse engineer an attraction marketing strategy that leads from the customer to you, instead of from you to the customer.

Thus, strategically attracting more clients that excite and energize you. Best yet, we can increase blog traffic like never before!

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I teach you how to use
attraction marketing and
SEO to boost blog traffic!



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