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Ever Notice Instagram Feeds with Themes?

Ever click on someone’s Instagram profile only to see a beautiful feed when viewed in its entirety. Gorgeous Instagram themes only happen with careful planning. If you are using Instagram as one of your cornerstone social media marketing strategies, this might be the direction you wish to go.

Although Instagram is still full of candid snapshots, dog photos, and shameless selfies, when you’re a business, you need to be more intentional. A good strategy considers not only what to post but also the overall consistency and visual effect of your gallery (the collection of images someone sees when they view your account).

Examples of Beautifully Designed Instagram Themes

Here are some examples of my favorite Instagram accounts. See if you can tell how they are creatively using themes, colors, and/or grids.

Examples of Beautiful Instagram Themes Using Colors and Grids
Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


A great example using a rustic, homey theme with colors of white, natural wood, and a touch green.

Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


Steffy uses photographs of herself in front of non-competing backgrounds and always with a pop of orange.

Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


Do you see the grid? Instead of relying on color Liz incorporates a photo of herself every other image.

Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


Here is an Instagram account that uses both grids, color, and simple cohesive images.

Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


Here is a travel theme that capitilizes on blues, greens, water, mountains, and natural skylines.

Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


A theme that relies on natural color tones and  geometric shapes.

Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


Even is a theme created around New York City. Geometric shapes at night and during twilight lends cohesiveness.

Beautiful Examples of Instagram Theme


Here a common element in each photo anchors the theme.

How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed

Learn how you can Create Beautiful Instagram Feeds using themes, colors, and grids.

Instagram Planning & Scheduling Tool

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