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Everyone knows that SEO is important, but are you doing everything you can to boost your website in search engine rankings? Here is a quick and easy SEO checklist to assist you in making sure your website is optimized to its fullest for search engines.

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must for insights into where you traffic is coming from, how people are finding you, and your visitor demographics.

Add website to Google Search Console

Here you can add your website, check indexing status, and optimize visibility.

Check website at Google PageSpeed Insights

Test the load time of your webpage — fast load times (scoring 80+/100) is essential for both retaining visitors and higher search engine rankings.

Design a responsive website

There is evidence that mobile friendly sites now get prioritized in rankings.


quick and easy seo checklist


Keywords in page titles, descriptions, image tags, headers, and page tags

This can either be done through HTML or by installing an SEO plugin. I recommend and have had great results with Yoast SEO for WordPress.

Use on-page keywords

Even if you are not planning to use paid search engine advertisement, the Keyword Planner in Google Adwords is a great tool for researching high value, low competition keywords.

Use internal links

When linking to from one page to another within your site, be sure to use descriptive, strategic, and relevant keywords. It will help visitors find topics of interest, as well as help, in search engine rankings.

Check for broken links

A great free online tool for this can be found at Broken Link Checker.

Create and Upload a sitemap.xml

A sitemap is a file that lists all of your web pages and tells search engines about the organization of your site’s content. A well designed hierarchy of web pages benefits you in search engine rankings. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is capable of doing this for you, or you can use a free online tool such as XML-Sitemaps.

Find any 301 or 302 redirects

A 301 redirect is an HTTP status code whereby the browser is redirect from one URL to another. This allows a website owner to maintain their rankings and/or links to a specific page that for whatever reason has had its URL changed. 301 indicates a permanent redirect while 302 is a temporary redirect (and should not be used if at all possible). I recommend the popular WordPress plugin Redirection.

What Do You Have on Your SEO Checklist?

I hope you found this SEO checklist helpful! Let me know in the comments what you find the most challenging about SEO and optimizing your website.