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You want to take your digital marketing to the next level but everyone keeps talking about web site design, logos, and what makes your services unique. Isn’t that branding? So exactly what is the difference between branding and marketing?

Let’s keep it simple. Suppose you’ve decide to make a dress and sell it. Here are a few questions you need to consider to make both your brand and your marketing a success.


  • Why did you decide to make a dress?
  • What style dress are you going to make? And why? Is it a reflection of your personal story or your personality?
  • What fabrics, colors, and textures will support that style?
  • What makes your dress unique? Why should someone buy your dress over all the others? Is it the style, quality, fit, guarantee?
  • What price are you going to sell your dress for? Is it designer or a dress for the masses?
Difference Between Branding and Marketing


  • Who are you going to sell your dress to? Most likely a woman, but is she young or old, professional or casual, living in a big city or in the country, a high income earner or bargain shopper?
  • Where will you be selling your new dress? Are you going to open your own store or sell it in a boutique or department store?
  • How will you sell your dress? In person, online, or maybe, by mail order?

Did you notice? Answers to why and what questions typically give you valuable information about your brand. Where questions and answers to details such as who, where, when, and how are part of a solid marketing strategy.

So let’s recap.


Core Principles / Mission

Style / Personality

Logo / Color Theme / Fonts

What Makes Your Business / Product Unique

What Differentiates You


Who is Your Ideal Customer

Use of Customer Personas

Where Can You Find Your Customers

Where are You Going to Sell

How Are You Going to Sell

Difference Between Branding and Marketing